Why Do We Choose Package For Product

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  • Vera Ling at
  • February 27, 2019

Whenever we enter the supermarket, we will see a dazzling array of goods, beautiful and eye-catching packaging. In modern society, packaging has become a tool to attract customers and impress customers! Jinan packaging box manufacturers came into being like this. A good packaging should be eye-catching first, so that customers can notice it at a glance. Second, it should be intuitive and vivid, reflecting the advantages of this product and impressing customers. The third is aesthetics, an excellent packaging must have a sense of beauty, but should not be fancy, giving people a feeling of flashy. The style of the box should be determined according to the products inside. The excellent packaging must be the expressive packaging, which can reveal the connotation of the product, fully display it to the customer and impress the customer.



The box is made of paper. For example, white cardboard: suitable for small packaging boxes, white cardboard has good hardness, and the printing effect is also beautiful whiteboard paper. It is also a commonly used material for small boxes. It is divided into two kinds of industrial board paper and coated paper with white bottom white board and gray bottom white paper. . Gift boxes, boutique boxes, tea boxes and other commonly used materials, such a box is very hard, very textured, is the preferred leather packaging for high-end packaging. The emerging packaging style, leather gives a noble texture.



In order to have more texture, the general packaging box will adopt convex UV, eye-catching hot stamping, hot silver, strong embossing and other processes. All the products are designed according to the characteristics of the product itself.



There is no standard specification for the packaging box. Everything is in accordance with the size of the product itself, combined with the opening number of the paper, so that it can be used and paper-saving to achieve cost reduction.--Guangzhou Huaisheng Packaging Inc.