Processing Method Of Paper Deformation In Printing Factory

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  • Vera Ling at
  • December 17, 2018

In order to improve the dimensional stability of the paper, the paper is usually processed by the following



Coating. Paper coating can improve the deformation of the paper to some extent. However, after the paper is coated and dried on one side, the balance system of the fiber and water molecules is destroyed, which may cause uneven distribution of water molecules inside the paper, and the internal stress is inconsistent, causing deformation and contraction rate of each part to be deformed. . If it is not adjusted, it will affect the running suitability of the paper. Modulation is a process that eliminates the undesired stresses that have been generated in the paper and that are present in the paper, allowing the paper to have a uniform distribution of the proper moisture to ensure that the paper is exposed to normal indoors. Maintain a flat and stable size at temperature and humidity.



According to the experience and practice of many years of production,after the paper is humidified and adjusted, the deformation of the paper sheet can be eliminated, the flatness of the paper sheet, the dimensional stability, the calender finishing of the post-process, printing, slitting, Packaging is of great importance. When the paper is in the "free state", if the moisture in both the width and the longitudinal direction can be uniformly adjusted to the required value, it is possible to produce a relatively flat paper that is "not deformed", and the risk of electrostatic interference. It can reduce the running performance of paper on the printing press and improve the adaptability of paper printing.



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