How Is The Printing Plant Exhaust Gas Treated?

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  • Vera Ling at
  • December 14, 2018

Which quality is good for printing plant exhaust gas treatment?


1. The exhaust gas treatment equipment lubrication device should have high quality filtration device and vacuuming efficiency to ensure the cleaning of lubricating materials. Consider the recycling of the lubricant.

2. can ensure the uniform and continuous supply of lubricating materials, which quality of the printing plant exhaust gas treatment is good and easy to adjust the supply of lubricant.

3.  As far as possible, the lubrication system is mechanized and automated, and the performance is good and the work is reliable, so that the lubrication points are well lubricated. First, the basic requirements for the lubrication device of the exhaust gas treatment equipment.


Which quality is good in the waste gas treatment of the printing plant? During the absorption process, the exhaust gas enters from the lower part of the absorption tower, and the circulating absorbent in the spray zone is in countercurrent contact with the atomized spray and chemical reaction occurs. The toxic and harmful exhaust gas in the exhaust gas is absorbed. The dust in the exhaust gas can also be removed. The absorption tower in the spray tower in the exhaust gas treatment equipment is the core of the exhaust gas absorption. The water spray method is used to spray water onto the exhaust gas, and the water-soluble or large-particle components in the exhaust gas are settled to achieve the purpose of separating some pollutants from the clean gas.


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