Welcome to Your Visit to Our Office Or Box Factory

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  • Abby at
  • December 06, 2017

Today we have a nice meeting with Youssef, a Mococan clients.

We knew each other from alibaba on May, 2016. He inquired about the archiving boxes last year. At that time he had made a sample boxes from another supplier, but  not so pleased. After we talked, our profession make him impressed, and make a new sample boxes from us immediately. He was very happy with the new sample boxes and ordered a container of boxes.

customer visit to officeour customer (2)

After that, we have been very good friend and also recommend other clients to us.

We really appreciate it and so exciting to meet him face to face today.

foldable packaging box (2)container goods (2)

We had a very pleasant meeting today and know more about his business. He love our custom made gift packaging so much And I am sure as his business expanding. We will keep doing more business today.