How To Deal With Germany Customer

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  • William at
  • December 06, 2017

Marcoit’s a client from Germany,i received his inquire on 18th.October 2017.He said he want to purchase some wine gift boxes packaging and cosmetic gift boxes but without design ,so he make a handmade draft to me to Have a reference.

cosmetic gift boxeswine gift box (67)

He still have some strange ideas,such as he wants the glassed can fixed suitable without any inner tray or rope,also want the bottle can be fixed but without inner tray or rope,even If he wants add some electronic part in the podium etc.

Meanwhile,because he is a German,it’s Have a little hard between us communication.He often spell the wrong words, and occasionally in English a few more German. Overcome a lot of difficulties, and ultimately he agreed to send samples on November 8 came smoothly, successfully take the first step in cooperation.