Assured After-sale service & 24/7 customer support

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  • Angela Yin at
  • June 08, 2017

   Customer with any confusion or other product quality problems can find our staff for communication and solution in 24 hours. Our company has always insisted the principle"customer is god" to provide safeguard of after-sale service and maintained good guest love relationship,returned customers account for majority.

  For each client who come to visit our factory,our boss will receive them himself even we have colleagues to take in charge of it.Sometimes if the client is urgent,the boss will calculate the price on the desk in order to give the client the best and timely offer.And the negotiation of each time is a long time business,but the boss will stay with the customers until they finish the whole discussion.Missed the lunch, sacrifice the weekend rest time are always the common things.So you don't need to worry about our responsibility of our sales or boss.See some photos below:

clients from Indonesiaclients from USA

It is also our best service that bring us more and more reputation from all over the world. Here are some comments from our clients: