Direct Factory & Accept OEM

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  • Angela Yin at
  • May 19, 2017

100% Factory and accept OEM. No middleman make customers find us directly to solve out comprehensive paper packaging products problems fastest & most cost-effective. And can save purchase cost for customers.

First ,We are a 100% factory that produce products ourselves with sales,designer,product manager ,handmade workers and production lines as a whole.We can also accept orders from customers directly or from trading company which can not make the products themselves. In that way, our price is the most competitive and attractive for customers, moreover, we are much professional than the sales from trading company when talking to the details or solution of the products.

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Secondly, each sales in our company take in charge of taking order, tracking order and provide after-service for every customer.When customers meet some problems with our products or shipping issues,they can find us and get the best solution immediately.In this way,our customers can enjoy the best after-service from us .We already got many satisfying comments from our customers these years. 

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