The best New Year and Christmas gift boxes

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  • Angela Yin at
  • September 13, 2017

Whenever you’re looking for a last minute present or something for the in-laws or relatives or friends, people will go for a gift shop to choose some gifts which packed with some luxury and beautiful gift boxes especially for Christmas and new years.So what can be the best New Year and Christmas gift boxes to promote your business?


heart shaped box (4)1. Heart Chocolate gift boxes


Usually,chocolates are most popular to be chosen as gifts when celebrating Christmas Day.There are many different kinds of chocolate packaging boxes style filled of chocolates on sale in the market.The hot sale one is heart shape chocolate gift boxes for its best meaning to the loved ones.But they are also in high cost for its hard handcraft making.


2. Folding apparel cardboard gift boxesfolding gift boxes


To celebrate the New Year,people are likely to buy some new clothes.The red foldable boxes are more attractive than any other color boxes because they represent joyous,happiness. Or you can also decorate your brand boxes with red ribbons,they can also be promotional.


3. Square rigid gift boxes with lids


For some common and cheap products,you can customize a gift box with lid to promote your business. They are more cheaper in cost and easy to open.You can design some Christmas or New Year images to print on the these rigid boxes lids.With these printing,they are easy to know as festival gifts and customer will buy them more.

gift box with lid 

wine bottle box (7)4. Wine bottle gift boxes


To celebrate something,wine is the necessary. So to bring a bottle of wine as a gift becomes a popular thing. As a wine supplier,you can think about some new styles of wine gift boxes to make some promotion on Christmas day or New Year Day.Such as single wine bottle box,wine packaging bags with handle.To make some luxury wine packaging with custom logo can make more people know your brand.

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