The Most Common Used Food Paper Box-Gable Boxes

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  • Angela Yin at
  • July 06, 2017

You must have been seen many food paper boxes when you are in a food shop or a cake shop,they are beautiful and used to pack different kinds of baked goods with handles.But do you know the five inspiring sustainable packaging ideas about gable boxes?

1. Easy to carry with handle

food paper boxesGable boxes are unique packaging boxes that are produced from art paper cardboard materials or corrugated materials,some are requested food grade,some are not.That depends on if the packaging connected the food itself.Usually these boxes are created into any design, shapes or sizes, based on the customer’s request. The handle on these boxes makes them more unique and comfortable to carry food.

2. Can be shipped flat to the customer

As the Handles are also created from the same material as the packaging box itself,They also called one-batch forming boxes. They are created with sturdy materials in order to secure the products completely. After they are glued,they still can be pressed flat into some direction.These boxes can be used immediate, as it does not require any professional skills for assembling.So even shipped flat to save the cost,it is easy for customer to make it into shape when putting the food in.

3. Beautiful designs with cheap price

cake packagingThe materials used for these boxes,such as cake packaging box,are usually white and smooth,so they can be printed different colors which are very fresh and bright.If for gift purpose,you can also decorate some ribbons or bowknots on their handles to keep them beautiful.They are cheaper than rigid cardboard boxes with cheap materials and less handmade finishing procedures. They are really best choices for food packaging.

4.Also used for packaging candy and chocolate

Apart from packaging party favors, gifts, and food items, these boxes are also used for packaging candy and chocolate. Especially for wedding and birthday occasions.In addition, these boxes also offer an amazing opportunity for you to get crafty and customize. When using gable packaging boxes as party favors, you can embellish the name of the recipient on it. This will add more value to your gift item. 

candy chocolate boxgable boxes

5. With a window cut on the box can show your food more clear

With regards to marketing, these boxes can be used to achieve the sales objectives of the company with a clear window on them.Apart from important details such as brand logo, company address, and social media contact details being printed on these boxes,what more attractive are the food showed inside the boxes with delicious test and good smell.

With many businesses springing up every day, creating and delivering your products in unique packaging boxes will cause your business to stand out. Elevate your business by hiring the right professional for your packaging boxes now.