Guangzhou HS Packaging was Selected as the KA Supplier on Alibaba

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  • Angela Yin at
  • September 27, 2017

Here comes the September Shopping Festival in 2017, we Guangzhou HS Packaging Company was selected as KA supplier by alibaba in this promotion activity for our superior performance in the past.


In the past years,we exported many products abroad such as gift boxes, gift bags and notebooks as well as books and other printing products.We promise to provide the best quality packaging for our clients and as well as the best service no matter before and after. We are one of the top packaging suppliers in China not only for its price and quality but also for Zero complain on alibaba.


Here we have a good news to share with all of you who are currently looking for the paper packaging:


To whom is the first-buyer on alibaba can get $50 order discount as well as free inspection when the order amount is up to $1000 and finish the payment during this period.


To whom is the returning buyers can get the free inspection for any order during this time.


And also can get three free paid RFQ. See the below pics for reference:

September Shopping Festival

Chick here to know more, and if you are interested in both the promotion and our packaging solutions ,place an order from us right now!