Where to By Wine Packaging Boxes

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  • Alice Chan at
  • December 02, 2017
With the growing number of red wine brands, how to occupy the red wine sales market has become the primary concern of all wine producers. At this time, a beautiful red wine packaging box can greatly enhance the sales of red wine.To better help the red wine brands capture the market, we analized the consumer psychology. In terms of how to make your own red wine gift box more visual impact to achieve the effect of sales, which is Huai Sheng Packaging has been considered the issue, you can start from:

1, red wine gift box design: not limited to the traditional rectangular, and another one can be tube round type. Due to the limited load-bearing capacity of paper products, used for single-branch, double-branched and three-boxed ones, but more bottles are only made of wood. Color is also based on simplicity, red, black, gold and other classic colors are repeatedly used. One is dark-based, multi-purpose deep black, dark red, brown, with bright color printed LOGO and other advertising icon statements.

red wine gift boxwine packaging box manufactur

2, red wine gift box selection: PET sheet is considered to meet (ROSH) environmental protection requirements of an ideal packaging material.

3, customize your own logo with their own packaging accessories like hangtag, thank you card. HS Packaging is one professional wine packaging box manufacturer for your choice.