What Should We Do When Customers Vist Us?

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  • December 09, 2017

What should we do when customers visit us- Custom Gift Box Factory?


  For many rookie, the most uneasy, most bottomless is how to receive customers.

  Finally got up a customer, seeing is about to come to see the factory, do not hit the pot because of ill reception or do not understand the reception ah. In fact, you do not have to be too nervous, do not forget to remember that you are unscrupulous and calm at your disposal.

   Customers come to see the factory, nothing more than for several reasons: 1. To determine whether you really have factories 2. Factories have the production of such products, equipment, equipment? 3. Look at the size of the factory, factory production status, production capacity. 4. Look at the factory worker's mental outlook, the completion of the order to make a judgment 5. Face to face negotiations, you can more objectively judge your man doing things. 6. Meet directly with the boss, you can also understand the boss's man, tolerance.

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From the above point of view, you should know that the customer is directed at the factory, your reception is only a small part.

So, what should we do?

1. It is very important to know the number of visiting customers. We can make arrangements in advance.

2. Accurate flight, pick up time, place. Can not allow customers to anxiously wait in unfamiliar places, we generally have to pick up the airport ahead of time, pick up the place. And surely make sure the location, so as to avoid mistakes.

3. If we need to help set the hotel, we asked in advance to understand the customer can accept the level. And timely feedback, so that customers would have only accepted the USD30 small hotel, and you arbitrarily help him set the hotel USD100. He said it was not good or not, that was good and very unhappy. So, do not be kind-hearted to do bad things, customers did not feel bad. Unless you pay for his booking, and the customer is accepted.

4. When receiving customers, women generally wear suits, wear, men's wear shirts, trousers just fine. Do not be too casual, do not wear too casual, it seems very careless, not good.

5. The car generally to "journey" "first time to China," "first time to" how to feel better as a negotiating capital, unless the customer take the initiative to ask you. Of course, you can properly introduce some of the local customs, if the customer journey fatigue, do not be passionate, or let the customer take a break.

6. Prepare some drinks, fruits, refreshments will be better. Of course, many customers will only drink mineral water, few people will eat other things.

7. Visit the factory floor, you can introduce a little, not a lot, because if the client is an expert, a look at what they understand.

8. To the time to eat, consult the views of customers, some customers are not eating lunch, do not be forced. Some Muslims, what is pork is taboo, so be sure to ask the customer's preferences, what to eat. If customers insist on not let us please, we also listen to respect, do not be reluctant.

  As long as we do careful, thoughtful, courteous, sincere, the customer will be satisfied.

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