What Problems Should Be Considered For The Foreign Trade Gift Box Packaging

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  • Vera Ling at
  • June 07, 2018

Foreign trade has become more and more common, However, for the export of goods from foreign trade companies, there are something need to pay attention on packaging. The World Packaging Center organized the following:



The first one is color. Color is the most influential factor in visual activity. People's impression of color is usually the first factor affecting sensory evaluation. According to the study of relevant foreign institutions, color can instantly enter the consumer's field of vision and leave an impression. This is the first Impressions account for 60% of the purchasing process. In terms of color, successful packaging design not only meets the requirements of general aesthetics, but also satisfies the psychological needs of consumers for the specific cultural attributes of goods. 



The second one is pattern and text graphics. Another manifestation of cultural differences is that in the perception of patterns, Westerners do not feel the same pattern as the Chinese. The same pattern may be auspicious in our country and fierce in the West. The crane is a symbol of beauty and spirituality in our country, but in France it is the name of a stupid man and a prostitute. The Chinese characters "fu" and "bat" are homonyms, and therefore the bat is a symbol of blessing. However, bats in the United States are associated with terror and death. Therefore, in the use of various designs for packaging design, we must be clear about consumer taboos in consumer countries, to avoid misunderstandings and even cause disputes that affect sales. The design of the text is also very widely used in packaging. Just as our gift box packaging  uses the expression culture and traditions such as Oracle and calligraphy, the design of foreign text graphics is also ever-changing. The European packaging designer Volkhet once pointed out: "One of the obvious weaknesses of China's export goods packaging is the inability to correctly use Western text and fonts, and the final effect of packaging has a sense of non-professionalism. Can only make consumers have a sense of mistrust on the packaging, distorting the image and reducing the identity of the product." For different products, consumers in each target market country have preferences and special requirements for text and typesetting, font design Be targeted and adaptable.



The third one is the accuracy of translation. Accurate text translation that translates the expressed content into the language of the target market country is one of the keys to build trust and correctly deliver information. The grammar, customary usage and free translation should be taken into account when it comes to translation. For example, the expression "production" generally includes "MADEBY", "FRODUCEDBY" and "BREWEDBY". Different products are produced using different words. "MADEBY" is applicable to processed products such as instruments and utensils, and "PRODUCED BY" is used for food, beverages, candies, biscuits, and canned foods. The production of alcohol should be translated as "BREWEDBY".