What Are The Types Of Stickers And Which One Is Better?

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 16, 2018

Sticker printing is widely used in commercial applications, not only in furniture, building materials, food, daily necessities, electrical appliances, teaching supplies, automotive decoration, etc. Especially in the field of commodity circulation price tags and furniture, clothing, textiles, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic brands In terms of identification, etc., it is divided into the following categories according to the materials it uses:


Pressed writing paper, offset paper label: Multipurpose label paper for information, bar code print, especially for high-speed laser printing, also for inkjet printing.


Coated paper sticker: Universal label paper with multi-color product labels, suitable for information labels for pharmaceutical, food, food oil, wine, beverage, appliance, and stationery. There are some labels on wines with cheap wine boxes in our daily life.


Fragile sticker: Used in electrical appliances,mobile phone,pharmaceutical,food and other anti-counterfeit seal,the sticker will be broken immediately and can’t be reused after the label was peeled off.


Water-proof adhesive sticker: There are coated paper, mirror coated paper, PE, PP, PET for the materials. Especially used in beer label, tableware product, fruit and other information label. After washing with water, no traces of adhesive are left on the product.


PVC sticker: Water and oil resistant,chemical supplies and other important product labels, used for high-end products, environmental protection information labels.


The above is a summary of the types of stickers we have sorted out.

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