The Standard And Principle Of Gift Box Production Design

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 23, 2018

The gift is good or not, is no longer important.The moment when you show it to the person is the most important. If you use the bad gift boxes or some cheap gift boxes, it will certainly greatly reduce the grade of the gift. So now people are more and more demanding for the gift box design, and there is a higher standard on gift box production. However, what is the standard and principle of gift box production design?

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In the tradition culture of our country, the requirements for giving gift are different, according to the different festival and occasion.For example, the gifts for the Mid-Autumn festival are mostly moon cakes, but the special goods are mostly for the spring festival.When making gift boxes, scientific and effective market position should be based on different production opportunities, different market needs, and the advantages and disadvantages of the company. Manufacturers can make clear market position based on market demand and their own advantages,improving the targeted and professional level of gift box production, and meeting the needs of the market to the largest extent,occupy the market in a short time.


The color method is the key of the gift packaging,and gold, silver are wild color for choosing the ribbon.The ribbon should also be matched with the color of the wrapping paper.It’s the best way to use the color appeared on the wrapping for the ribbon of gift box.Due to the standardization of gift box packaging, there are various standards for gift box packaging products, which simplifies the production process, saves raw materials and reduces labor consumption.


Gift boxes can effectively improve the gift box packaging management. The standardization of gift box packaging requires the formulation of a series of technical standard, work standard, and management standard. This can encourage companies to carry out management activities such as design, production, and inspection around these standards, which will help improve the management level of gift packaging boxes.

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