The Material Of Gift Box Selection Tips

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  • May 23, 2018

As an important means of interpersonal communication, gift has attracted people’s attention and set off a boom. Since it is a present, the  packaging design it’s an important indicator of gift. However, more and more exquisite gift boxes poured into the market, and the scope of use of gift wraps has been expanded.They are used for holiday gifts, such as personalized flower box and perfume beauty box, call on someone in person, company benefits distribution and so on. No matter what application is the gift box for, the material for the  gift packaging design can not be ignored.


The main gift boxes materials in our life consist mainly of paper packaging boxes, wooden packaging boxes, leather packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes and metal packaging boxes. They are all suitable for the use of business gift boxes and personal gift boxes. We are about to analyze the material of the the gift box for paper, wood and leather as following:


For the paper material. If you want to reflect the high-quality and precious of gifts, it is the best way to choose the thick material  and high-strength carton. There are two general types of materials: corrugated and compressed cardboard.Due to the exquisite printing requirement of gift packaging, it is recommended to use ultra-thin corrugated cardboard packaging with a thickness of 1mm-2mm. E-type corrugated paper has good rigidity and is suitable for fine printing. In addition to, there is FGH and other miniature corrugated cardboard printing as well.


For the wood material. Advanced gift of wood, it’s soft and graded. We can consider the choice of solid wood, both environmental friendly and beautiful. For example, a common wooden jewelry box. Wooden jewelry boxes are simple and elegant, suitable for elegant temperament women.


For the leather material.  The gift box of leather  is usually combined with fashionable design elements, and in the taste of the times filled with a modern atmosphere. Gift boxes such as Lavé's Big S crocodile-print leather jewelry box, Pandora leather-trimmed leather jewelry box and binaural pearlescent leather jewelry box are more representative.


According to the material analysis of paper, wood, and leather gift boxes above, when selecting a gift box, we can pick out the best gift box as the above details.


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