The Fashion In The Jewellery Box

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  • Vera Ling at
  • June 08, 2018

In western countries such as Europe and America, accessories (that is, artificial jewelry) have been popular in the middle class for many years.


Due to the development of the times, the function of investment preservation of jewelry boxes has gradually faded, and decoration and beautification have become the main purpose. The popularity of modern artificial jewellery should be attributed to the famous fashion designer Chanel. This talented woman has a unique eye for her. She combines her precious natural jewelry and artificial jewelry with her fashion. For a time, the fashion industry has been rushing to imitate and the status of simulated jewelry has also begun to increase greatly. As a result, artificial jewellery is also known as popular jewellery or fashion jewellery.



The material of the simulation jewelry box such as bracelet box is mainly gold plated or silver plated gold and resin, plastic, wood, bone, glass and other materials, these materials are not expensive, but more flexibility in processing, there is a lot of freedom For creation and design, you can create very unique and complex styles, and pay attention to color effects, easy to match with fashion. Such fashion jewelry as a pure decoration can closely match the trend of fashion and reflect fashion trend in a timely manner.


As fashion jewellery follows the trend of fashion and survives, the diversity of styles is the most powerful life of popular jewellery. Any substance in the natural world, a stone, a green leaf, a feather... is a source of inspiration for designers. There are many styles of popular jewelry, and the replacement is faster than fashion. At the same time, under the influence of the global trend of individuality and self-discovery of DIY, popular jewellery also set off a heat wave of self-designed and self-made. Many popular jewellery shops specialize in setting up such services. Guests can use different colors and different styling components according to their preferences to create different styles and jewelry.