The Calculation Of Cost For The Printing Box

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 15, 2018

Whatever for the consumer or enterprise of packaging&printing, the price of the packaging box usually becomes the focus of debate. Learn some knowledge about calculation cost of the printing packaging boxes, it can not only solve the questions of the price for the consumers, but also guarantee the company’s profit. About the calculation cost for the printing, they generally take two methods as following by the printing industry:


Valuation by printing process. The printing process is mainly includes design, plate making, printing and post-press process.The four costs should be added up together, including the relevant material fee, such as film fee, PS plate fee when appraising, and plus the other material fees required by printing templates.


Valuation by printing objects. Firstly, sort the printing templates. Then calculate the cost of each one as the printing process and summarize the cost of each object to be printed in the end.


The main contents involved in the calculation of printing costs are the following:

The design fee. There are single-piece calculation and multi-piece calculation methods for the calculation of design. Paper boxes are generally adopt single-piece calculation method. For example, 1000 pcs beautiful gift boxes.


The printing fee. It includes scanning, imposition, filming, proofing of the picture and etc. Scanning is based on the amount of image information, the charge of the imposition and film according to the size(folio and four open), the charge of proofing ,according to the format and colour.


The material fee. For printing products, material costs for a large proportion in the total costs of printing. So, accurately controlling the amount of material is the best way to control the cost of printing.


 The printing fee. The standards of charges are different with different types and grades of printing equipment, different printing industries or printing processes. Colour printing is generally based on the color order. They will charge by the opening, when the amount is small.


The post-press fee. There many kind of post-press processing, but the calculation method is mainly based on the number of workpieces or processing area.


Other costs.  The packing fee, transportation fee, urgent fee and etc, this part of the cost is generally negotiate between parties, is flexible.


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