In Those Years, The Packaging Boxes You Can’t Bear To Throw Them Out

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 04, 2018

I remembered when I was young, my grandma asked me to go out and buy salt, she poured the salt into a small can every single time.At that time, I didn’t understand this behavior and I was curious about it .When I asked my grandma why she poured the salt into the can? She always just smiled and never said anything.

 round box

Now, when I cooked for myself everytime,Which is always reminded me of the small can. I also got my small can from my friend that is for the tea before. I kept it entirely because it looks beautiful.


Last year,when I visited my grandma, I cooked for her.I found that the small can still be kept nicely, and when I looked at the can carefully, I suddenly knew the reason why my grandma loved the can so much, just because this is a candy gift box from my grandpa.Even though it just a small can only, but for grandma,it’s the treasure love of grandpa.


Nowadays, everyone loves shopping, and the goods we bought always with packaging boxes, such as jewellery packaging boxes and some fancy gift boxes and so on.However, some beautiful or memorable packaging boxes,maybe we will keep it. So What are the packaging boxes you can't bear to throw away in those years? Welcome to share with us in comment area.

 big round box