How To Remove The Adhesive On The Surface

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  • June 28, 2018

In our daily life, we often encounter the trouble of self-adhesive tapes. These stubborn self-adhesive treatments will not only damage the surface but also leave marks. We’re gonna teach you a few good ways to remove stickers, so that we can easily remove the stickers. The methods as following:


Hair dryer: For the self-adhesive on plastic products, you can blow them hot with the hot hair blower and then slowly tear it off.


Rubber: For some surface, there are residual adhesive marks, you can also use an eraser to wipe it again, and then remove the hair left by the eraser.


Lemon juice: If these stickers get to the skin, you can use lemon juice to remove.


Hand cream: Hand cream can also achieve the effect of removing the adhesive, because the hand cream contains a lot of water, and the water contains a certain amount of surfactant. The surfactant has a good wetting, penetrating and dissolving ability, and can quickly penetrate between the adhesive and the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of removal. Some similar products, such as creams, facial cleansers and launderings, also have a certain effect.


Nail polish and alcoholTo deal with adhesive marks on the surface of a hard object, such as stainless steel basins or glassware, we can tear off the label and apply it on the surface with oil-free nail polish and gently wipe it with a soft cloth. You can also use industrial alcohol or gasoline to remove these traces.


Hot water: For traces of residue, first, wet the towel with hot water, then wipe it repeatedly at the adhesive marks, then wet the wet towel with soap, wipe it repeatedly at the mark, and finally clean the soap with a clean warm and wet towel.


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