How To Effectively Protect The Gift Box

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  • Vera Ling at
  • November 05, 2018

Speaking of the problem of mold box, we have a problem with the gift box, how to mold, how to make the gift box to prevent mold, and how to make the paper box easy to mold. Firstly, we need to summarize some reasons why the gift box is moldy: the times are constantly developing, and some items in the gift box need to be stored in a frozen package. When it is presented from a frozen environment, the surface of the gift box must be condensed. Some moisture-proof measures, then the gift box manufacturer will give a brief introduction on how to do the moisture-proof work of the gift box.


1. The warehouse or factory building where the gift box is kept must be sealed. Otherwise, it will be easy to get wet in the rainy season, foggy weather or areas with large temperature difference between day and night. The material warehouse and finished product warehouse should be inspected regularly. The warehouse items should not be piled on the ground. They should be placed in the material rack for placement. All materials should be kept clean and tidy, and the number of colonies in the storage workshop should be reduced.


2. The gift box must have a gap from the ground, you can use the wooden board overhead, there must be a certain space for air circulation, so as to avoid the influence of moisture on the ground. Fabrics and packaging materials should not be directly stacked on the floor. They should be separated by pallets and >10CM away from the wall. Do not rely on materials or materials on the walls. Materials such as materials contact the wall and there is a risk of moisture and mildew.


3. If you have the conditions, you can choose to buy a dehumidifier. Generally, manufacturers of air conditioners have a gift box warehouse dehumidifier for sale. This is the easiest and most fundamental way to prevent moisture. Due to the ventilation of the warehouse, when the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, close the doors and windows, and vice versa, open the doors and windows, record the humidity and temperature changes, if the indoor relative humidity is ≥80% in the wet season. Dehumidification equipment should be installed to reduce the risk of moisture and mildew in the product.


A good gift box will give you a pleasing feeling, so in order to avoid the beauty of the gift box due to moisture, it is necessary to prevent it from being exposed. Where Can I Buy Gift Boxes?

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