Daily Maintenance Of Printing Machine

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  • Vera Ling at
  • June 14, 2018

The maintenance of printing machine is divided into daily maintenance, weekly maintenance, monthly maintenance, quarterly maintenance, annual maintenance, etc.While daily maintenance is done every day, the purpose of maintenance is to extend the service life of equipment, indirectly save the company's costs. At the same time, the maintenance of some printing equipments can also play a role in avoiding production accidents. An equipment that is not frequently maintained is likely to cause major production accidents due to the damage of local parts.


Pressure roller: The pressure roller of the printing press is not clean and the printing pressure is not uniform during the production process. The common situation is that there is tape or dry ink on the pressure roller, so that the height of the pressure roller will become higher, which will lead to increase printing pressure. The common cause of quality accidents is fuzzy printing, and unclear articles or patterns. Therefor, the pressure roller must be clean.


Plate cylinder: The plate cylinder is not clean, and the pressure of the printing plate will be affected during the production process. Commonly used cases include tape and dry solid ink, and bumps on the pad. This production will directly increase the height of the printing plate, leading to inconsistency in the printing plate height, causing ambiguous printing, unclear dots, and ghosting.


Each axis and screw: Bearings and screws are mainly based on slotted units and paper feed units. Screws are not cleaned and refueled frequently. Bearings are easily damaged, which affects the life of the screw and bearings and the accuracy of production. If the pressure line bearing is often not refueled, it is easy to generate vibration. After the vibration becomes large, the carton pressure line will produce the phenomenon of explosion or pressure lines. The maintenance of the screw and bearing is the most important part.


Ground rail: The cleanliness of the earth rails is the most easily overlooked. If the track of the printing press is not clean for a long time, the parallelism of the printing units will be affected. The non-parallel ground track of the unit directly affects the printing accuracy, so the high-end printing machine has a very high requirement for the ground track. Therefore, the track must be cleaned daily.


Anilox roller and ink tube surface: The anilox roller is the heart of the printing press. If the anilox roller is not clean, it will result in white printing and inconsistent colors. Therefore, the anilox roller must be cleaned and maintained daily instead of being blocked and then maintained. Anilox roller maintenance is routine maintenance. When not using anilox roller, it should be washed with washing solution or detergent powder every day to achieve daily cleaning, so as to ensure the printing quality.