New Toys Popular For Children's Day- Hand Spinner

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  • Alice Chan at
  • June 01, 2017

New Toys Popular For Children's Day-  Hand Spinner

Children’s Day is true to its name as it is a day to appreciate the children in your life.Children are little miracles. It is hard to imagine a full and happy family without a child. While Universal Children’s Day takes place November 20, China and several other countries observe National Children's Day each year on June 1. Every year of this time, schools have one day off for students below 12 years old. What's more, there are many joyful activities or special performances will be held before the day for celebration. In China, public attractions often offer discounts on food, movie tickets, and general admissions on this date. Entrance to certain tourist attractions may be discounted or completely free of charge for children on this day as well.

While there are no strict traditions in China associated with Children’s Day, most parents and granparents will express their affection by spending the day with their children, cooking favorite meal or buying favorite toys/Barbie doll/sweets/clothes as present.

So popular toys like hand fidget spinners and magic cubes to develop intelligence are suggested here. With good quality toy products, we also provide flexible packaging boxes for displayWish all children a happy day!

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