How Recyclable Corrugated Box Works for Your Mailing Packaging

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  • Angela at
  • July 12, 2017

  With the fast development of e-commerce nowadays, more and more business owners open their business online which lead to a large demand of postage boxes for mailing purpose. The recyclable corrugated box has become most popular choice for owners all over the world.

  You may ask why and wondering how these mailing boxes works for your products.Following are its advantages you must know:

  1. Environmental friendly: Environmental friendly content is used as a part of the production procedure for postage box overall look which is supposing a well known look at reducing combining invest.

  2. Low cost : Even the corrugated boxes are made by cheap materials compared with grey board gift boxes,they are protective as well with different inner trays inside,such as Foam,EVA,paper trays,PVC and so on.

  3. Ship flat: They can be shipped flat when delivery,so for buyers who import these boxes from abroad like China, can not only save production cost,but also shipping cost.What's more, when shipping flat in carton boxes,they are impossible for being damaged.

  4. Short production time: As you know,to make such one batch forming boxes are more easy than to make rigid cardboard boxes for they have no handmade procedure. All the plain corrugated boxes can be finished into shapes after die cutting,thus it can save 5-7days of handcraft time.

  5. Beautiful colors in different designs: They can also be printed in full color,with Spot UV,gold or silver foil,embossing,debossing...when laminated on coated paper. Or you may still like the kraft materials to be printed full colors with specialty. Different designs can be used to pack different products,such as roses,sunglasses,shoes,electronic products.....

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