Top Quality Kraft Tuck End Box for Crayon Packaging

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  • Angela Yin at
  • June 30, 2017

Kevin,the owner of the Spectrum Crayon,is my first client from New Zealand.Even his first order is not so big as he just owns a family business locally.

When he found our company on alibaba,he just had a draft idea about his packaging,also he wanted to make them more cheaper as his products crayons sold not so higher price as some other  products. After hearing his ideas and expectations,I had a discussion with our product manager to find a best solution for him.Finally,he agreed to make these four styles of kraft boxes below:

corrugated boxtuck end boxmatch style boxtuck end bottom box

We made 4000pcs of these boxes for 15 days and then arranged the shipment for him. After he got all the boxes one month later,he was so appreciated our excellent work and made his comments:


This year he reordered twice for different designs,even not seemed a big order each time,but he has become one of our long-term clients.