White Corrugated Boxes, Gift Packaging Box For Cake

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  • Jessie Yang at
  • July 03, 2017

Jim and his girlfriend Gigi come to visit our factory on April 16th,2017,and they want to order gift packaging box for cake. They open one big cake shop and they want special white corrugated boxes to pack their cake.They are so kind to chat and very patient to let me know what kind of box they want. We have confirmed all details about box sooner.

They are satisfied with our price but they do not have design.They want to ask our designer to design about some simple logo.They have many idea about their logo and our designer is very patient to make.In the final,they are satisfied with the design and place the order for 7000 pcs on May. 

The cake box packaging are white inside and full color printed outside with logo silver stamped. Pics here attached:

WE corrugated packaging box (1)WE corrugated packaging box (2)WE corrugated packaging box (3)WE corrugated packaging box (4)

They are very happy to receive the goods with goods quality and our extra service for arranging delivery the goods to door. After finishing those boxes,they said they will order more boxes next time for another big selling.

Thanks for their comments and we continue to contact for each week.I am very happy to chat with them,and good luck to them!