High Quality Rigid Cardboard Gift Box For Pen

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  • Joy Huang at
  • June 13, 2017

It's glad that I met Joe in February 7th , 2017 when we got on work from Chinese New Year. He is a particularly wise businessman.


After knowing his requirements, I recommended the lid hinge base type cardboard gift box for pen, which makes the box easy to open and saves material and cost.  And It will look simple and beautiful.

cardboard gift box for penpen gift boxgift box with lining

I told him to use black card material for gift box which would be matte but cannot be easy to scratch, the personalized logo with silver foil stamping looks upscale, we also match the high quality lining material, more to highlight their product advantages.

He was very satisfied with our program, also felt particularly in line with his requirements, after he confirmed all the details, He gave us orders for 10,000 boxes directly.

mass production for pen gift box

I believe that our professional level can provide customers with quality service and comfort purchasing experience.
Very grateful to their company's support, but also look forward to his long-term business development.