Custom Packaging Corrugated Box For Bottle

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  • Linda at
  • December 11, 2017

There was the strange and interesting story between Luis and me. In middle of  July,Luis ,from Mexico ,he is so humorous and easy-going Have received his first massage via TM - asked for the  gift packaging corrugated box for chocolate drink. Luis is different from the other clients I met before .He is very honest and could gives feedback on the price to us unreservedly at once --Good good price ,when seen the quotation on whatsapp. Maybe our price does have advantage over the one he did before.(PS:Not all the price is satisfying)

In middle late August ,Luis appeared and asked for the price of 6000pcs boxes.Without any though ,sent him the price ,and he agreed finally and ordered all.After finished modifying the trade assurance order and the proforma invoice ,he had not confirmed the payment for 10 days .One day ,he informed me that there was something wrong on the money .It was so disappointed ,but it meant it was a real request. In early of September ,he confirmed the deposit of the 6000pcs boxes .There were 5 designs in all ,it took a long time to collect all the designs ,some were the new designs , the others were the semi-finished design.There was the special period: the price of the raw material had been raising crazily .In order to keep the original price ,have purchased the custom raw material in advance ,after double checked the sizes he demanded.After received the samples ,found the size of the big box was bigger than the one we quoted and the raw material was not available .That was because the designer wrote the wrong size .

In finally ,the wrong raw material were selected to make the small size box .Later ,he placed the other order .The total quantity is 6000pcs big boxes and the 7000small boxes.The order has been launched on 16th October ,now the project is almost finished and prepare for shipment .Although there are some problems existing during the cooperation,they have been solved perfectly .In addiction, Luis is really humorous and easy going during the long -time communication .Await for his more and more projects and would provide good service for him and his company in the future !

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custom packaging box for bottle