CMYK Color Matte Corrugated Shipping Box

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  • Ivy at
  • November 27, 2017

On 16th, September, Brandon sent an inquiry to me and she gave us some details of the corrugated shipping box custom design. Firstly, I confirmed some information with her and we sent some similar boxes with the one she want, beside, we also knew what is the box’s function and which material is suitable for her product. At a short time, i quoted her a competitive price base on material of 350gsm CCNB paper + BE corrugated paper.

shipping box custom printed

But when i feel hopeless, she suddenly replied me and agreed with our price. And then we drawn an order from Trade Assurance and sent her a payment link. finally she paid it by Credit Card. So everything goes well with Brandon and she really is a passion girl.

So if communicate smoothly, we can save more time from each other.  As a seller, we need know and understand them, not only for his product, but also for his profit. if our packaging project help then reduce the cost, then their product on sold will be more competitive. So if ones are not similar with the packaging for his or her product. Pls trust us because we are a professional packaging boxes manufacturer.