How can l get my custom gift box done within 5 days?

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  • Sunny at
  • December 01, 2017

Hello Everyone,here is Sunny and l want to share this case to you ”How can l get the order within 5 days”


It is unbelievable that the new customer place the order within a week. Maybe that is my lucky or professional communication & suggestion.Anyway,quick order required quick reply, l think. How to say?


Max sent an inquiry about drawer box for bracelet to our company at 10 o‘clock on October,9th. l replied his message immediately. Luckily, Max also got me feedback read soon. And we confirmed the all details of the bracelet gift box for jewelry very fast. So that the quotation was sent to him in that day as well as sent more pictures of cardboard drawer boxes we made for him.


Two days later,he told me the order can go ahead,price was good. So excited l was.But,he wants to test our handcraft quality,that is no problem.We made the blank sample box using their size. On 12th , sample was finished,then l sent some pictures and video to Max immediately. He said so nice handcraft ,great,and will feedback to me soon.


On 14th morning,l received an email from Max,blessedness was coming to me. Max said all have confirmed and can go ahead,send PI to them. Total 1000pcs. Although it is a small order,but l learned more from this deal.Such as sense of achievement and recognition from Max.That is enough!


Attached the pictures of the box:

bracelet gift boxdrawer gift box for jewelrysliding gift box for jewelry 

Actually,the process is very simple,quickly reply,quickly quote and best servince.Everything should be in your own control.


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