Book Shape Packaging Boxes For Online Products

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  • David at
  • November 07, 2017

Kaveh, from America, is an owner of online shop.I got his inquiry for the custom packaging boxes to hold his online selling injector product at 28th of Sept.At first,he want a hexagon box,but he worry about that we can’t do this kind of box. I told him that we have been in paper packaging and printing for many years,and all the box shape we can do according to customers demands.

Two days later,he told me that he want to make a new book shape packaging box with silk insert ,and told me his new requirements about the box.To saving money he changed the design twice. Finally we made a deal ,and placed a sample order next day.

Custom packaging boxes for online productsflip open book shape packaging box

He asked me why the sample time will be taken7-8 working dayswhile other factories just need 2-3 days?I explained that we must make sure the sample we made perfect so we will do lot of work to confirm all the details before start to produce the sample,we must keep eyes on the whole production process,and we must inspect the sample when we finished the sample. Finally we finished the sample on time. He was so happy with the quality and final packaging box for his products.