The Tour Of Thailand For Stuffs And The Boss

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  • Vera Ling at
  • May 04, 2018

Vacation tourism is a kind of mature activity in the world. Whatever personal trip or group . And travelling, it seems a life way for helping people relax after a busy and stressful work.


This Wednesday, our stuffs and boss traveled to Thailand for a reward, because they made a great job for our company last year. They plan to stay over there for a week. So now they are still on holiday. And the stuffs left in the office ,who are waiting for the presents from Thailand. Perhaps some of the beautiful ladies are thinking about the gifts of cosmetics with the custom printed cosmetic boxes. However, Actually, before they left, they already made a promise , they will bring some gifts for the rest of the stuffs in order to encourage them to pay more attention on their work.


Why the companies are willing to spend money for organizing their stuffs to travel, and buy presents with luxury beauty box .even though abroad? What’s the purpose?


In my opinion, first of all, the group tourism can enrich the leisure life for the employees, broaden their horizons and enhance the team cohesion. Secondly, travelling can create a good culture atmosphere for the enterprise, cultivate the sentiment of the stuffs,  improve a sense of belonging and honor of the employees and relieve the fatigue from working.