Traveling to Hailing Island in Yangjiang City of Guangdong

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  • Alice Chan at
  • July 24, 2017

Date: July 22nd ~23rd

Place: Hailing Island in Yangjiang city

People: 53

Reason: 1. Warm celebrate our half- year sales accomplishment; 2. Have a relax to all workers.

taveling 1

For the past half year, all of us (both workers & sales) were busy in working. During this half year, we got lots of orders internationally and business became better and better with years' experience & efforts of all. To celebrate our half-year sales accomplishment, we organised a 2 days traveling for relax and have fun. After everyone's vote, we selected traveling to Hailing Island in Yangjiang city. 

On July 22 morning, we gathered in the factory and took a long-run bus to Yangjiang. When arrived there in afternoon, the first thing we did was eating seafood like lobster, crab, sea fish, squid, oysters, etc.. So delicious and we were all full. That night, we also organised collective barbecue and held many activities for fun.


Next day, we come to sea paradise for swimming, surfing. So many exciting recreational facilities for choice, we spent a happy morning there.


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