40 Days Yearly PK in Our Company Launched on 26th July

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  • July 28, 2017


HS Packaging

                                 On 26th,July,we

had a kick-off meeting for our annual sales PK in our company.The activity will last 42 days from 26th,July to 6th, September.The purpose of this PK is to motivate our sales to keep fighting and surpass ourselves even in the slack season of the packaging and printing industry.What's more,we can strengthen our team cohesion spirit.

  We have four websites so separated four groups. Also the production department will stand by our side and give us 100% support in finishing orders. Each Group has its group goal as well as individual goal.We each group must think out our team name,team slogan,and also need to perform a show on the kick-off meeting.

boss bet

Of course the boss gave us promise of the bonus who finally achieved his goal or group goal.The bonus are really attractive,but we also have punishment for who not achieve the goal made by himself. What's more exciting,on the meeting we played a game of "buying the lottery". The one who you believe or think can get his goal,you can pay 50-200RMB to buy him 80-100% achieving the goal, if he finally did it,you can get 1-4 time of your original money back.Or you will last your money.


  The boss will buy not for individual but for groups. And he will prepare a red packet which put a note in it and write his bet secretly.The bet includes both bonus and punishment.This year he also put some money in it and said only the team winner can open it the day we finished the PK. Sounds really exciting?

team oneteam twoproduction department


  So dear friend,if you just have some inquiry about custom gift boxes recently,please do us a favor.We will not let you down.